Architectural Concepts
PHILOSOPHY - Our firm believes that the role of the Architect, Planner, and Interior Designer goes far beyond design and project coordination. We spend the time necessary for a complete project including coordination with the owner's consultants and governmental agencies, reviewing energy requirements, reviewing building and zoning laws, and preparing construction contracts.  In addition we can assist in the selection of contractors, make site inspections and solve construction problems.  Our firm emphasizes timely service and personal attention to each client's needs and goals.  The firm believes in a strong, comprehensive, interactive working relationship with each client.  Open communication is the key to a good working relationship and a successful project.  Our successful track record underscores the importance of listening to our client's concerns, understanding our client's needs and budget, and incorporating our client's ideas into the overall project.  Our experience is a valuable resource for our clients in the areas of design, cost evaluation, time management, and quality control for each phase of the project. 

Experience has taught us that behind every successful project is a great working relationship with our clients.  In this way, working with the selected design team, the client's needs melded with the designer's views to produce a completed project tailored to each client's goals.  This process produces projects that are meaningful, achieve their goals, and strive for overall excellence in design and construction.  This end result is achieved through a series of working sessions at the start of the project to establish the scope of work, the character of the design appearance, the overall budget, and the project schedule.  This process establishes the project cost, time frame, and quality level to be maintained throughout the project.