Architectural Concepts

PROJECT APPROACH - Architectural Concepts recommends and team approach to each project. The team is composed of the Owner's representatives, Architectural Concept's staff, all design consultants, the end user's staff, and the contractor (if selected). All team members work with a hands on approach to design and documentation unde the coordination of Architectural Concpet's Principal.  The Team is established at the start of each project with the leadership determined by Architectural Concepts.  Each team member is selected based upon their experience with the type of project being considered and for their ability to work with other team members. Communication is key to coordination of the team.  Meetings are conducted as appropriate.

QUALITY CONTROL - Overall coordination is controlled by deliverables prepared jointly by all design consultants.  These may include as necessary a project schedule, a project directory of all participants, a basis of design outline document, information sheets, meeting notes, and a project status report. Quality assurance is a process that begins with the people we help the owner select for the team.  They bring a wealth of experience to the project, as well as a commitment to excellence in their contribution.

SBE, LBE, MBE, WBE PARTICIPATION - Architectural Concepts is an SBE and LBE firm.  However, we are committed to hiring and training women and people of color.  In addition to our own commitment, we recommend to our clients capable qualified WBE and MBE firms whom we know will make substantial contributions to the project team.

RESOURCES - Architectural Concepts is an experienced firm utilizing only competent trained staff and consultants.  All of the lead personnel assigned to the project will be licensed architects with over 35 years experience.  To augment our staff we retain key personnel with whom we have worked with in the past.  This includes any new personnel retained for this project who will be chosen from our pool of regular/special consultants and technicians.