Architectural Concepts

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  • Al Hasa Hospital/lab Master Plan - Saudi Arabian National Guard Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia
  • Kaiser Foundation Hospital Computer Lab Expansion  - Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek, Ca 
  • Kaiser Foundation Hospital Data Center Lab Master Plan - Kaiser Permanente  Walnut Creek, Ca
  • 30-Bed Soroako Hospital/Lab - Ministry of Health, Soroako, Indonesia 
  • 184-Bed Ciudad Hospital/Lab - Ministry of Health, Ciudad, Guyana 
  • 142-Bed Ciudad Hospital/Lab - Ministry of Health, Ciudad, Guyana
  • 1000-Bed St. Elizabeth Hospital & Lab Study - Curacao Department of Health Curacao, N.A.
  • Kings County Government Center - Medical/Coroner/Police Labs, Kings County Hanford, Ca 
  • Greenhills Coal Analysis Laboratory - B.C. Coal Company, British Columbia
  • Zwara Aluminum Smelter Analysis Laboratory - Government of Libya, Zwara, Libya
  • Troop Lignite Mine Coal Analysis Laboratory - Chevron Gas & Oil Co., Troop, Texas
  • LBL Research Building Study - University of California Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, Ca
  • American Canyon Water Treatment Plant Water Purity Lab - Napa Sanitation District, American Canyon, Ca
  • USDA Plant Gene Expression Center Genetic Research Laboratory - U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, Albany, Ca 
  • USDA Animal, Horticulture, & Water Research Lab Study & Design - U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Fresno, Ca
  • Kapairowits Coal Analysis Laboratory - Kapairowits Coal Company, Troop, Texas 
  • Union Oil Company, Geothermal Division World Headquarters Computer & Material Analysis Labs - Union Oil Company, Santa Rosa, Ca